VE7FO Estate Items for Sale

Jim Smith VE7FO (sk) was a professional engineer and lifelong radio amateur.  He collected radio test gear and radios and, with a few exceptions, kept everything he ever acquired.  In his later years he enjoyed contesting and DXing with quality equipment.

With the exception of the “older test equipment”, the items described here are believed to be in good to excellent working order but have not been lab tested. 

As noted, some items are older radios and test equipment (many of which can be found on electronics museum web sites) which are of course in questionable condition but may be of interest to collectors. 

Prices are believed to be at the low end of fair market value for used items and are not intended to be negotiable but if you feel we have made mistakes we will listen.

Pick-up at Jim’s home in Vancouver is preferred.

Please contact Jim’s son, Steve, by e-mail for further information at [email protected]

Steve has finally followed his dad into amateur radio and has inherited his dad’s call sign – VE7FO

Some items from the original listing have been sold to Jim’s friends in Vancouver and amateur colleagues on Vancouver Island hence the discrepancies in the numbering sequence.  D is for Dunbar the Vancouver neighborhood where Jim lived and where the gear currently resides.

D2. Astron RS-35M 13.8V Power Supply.  (non-switching type) a bit older but in good condition and working order.  RS-35M replaced by RS-35M AP. New price from Radioworld (Toronto) for Model RS-35M AP: $470.00 CAD


D4. Crimp Tool and Cable Prep Kit.  Off-shore product in excellent condition.


D5. Daiwa Power Output and SWR  (cross-needle) Meter.  Model CN-801  30W to 3KW.  Replaced by CN-901HP. New price from Radioworld Toronto is $312.00


D6. Alpha 9500 linear amplifier – auto tuning.  Serial No. 9500-09490114

New price from Alpha (RF Electronics) $8700.00 USD (roughly 12,500.00 CAD)

Purchased new by VE7FO in 2013 and in very good cosmetic condition. Sold with manual. Anecdotal evidence from amateurs who contested with VE7FO suggest that this amplifier suffered from occasional unexpected shutdowns. 

On-line reviews of the Alpha 9500 confirm that the auto-tuning mechanism of this device can cause problems and needs to be adjusted.  Our asking price is an “as is” price and reflects our belief that this Alpha 9500 may need adjustment.


D8. Green Heron RT-21 V3 Rotator Controller.  Serial No. 02589.  Very good cosmetic and working order.  Purchased new from Green Heron in Webster, NY, USA in the past ten years.  Current new price is $599.00 USD ($820.00 CAD plus Canadian taxes and shipping so about $1000.00 CAD)


D9. Palstar HF Auto Tuner.  Serial No.  35371 to be sold with HF Auto Tuner-R Control Module Serial No. 35372.  Very good condition. New price from Palstar Auto Tuner $1695.00 USD.  Control Module $595.00 USD. 


D10. Bencher Iambic Paddle.  BY-1 Model (black base/not chrome). Very good condition.  Current new price $169.00 USD.


D11. Icom IC-25A VHF mobile transceiver.  With microphone and photocopied manual. In working order.  Older with some scratching. 


D12.  Tektronics 2205  20MHz Oscilloscope.  With probe. Older test gear.


D13.  Heil Pro set Plus head-set.  Some wear on mic outer protective foam but in good condition otherwise.


D14.  Hewlett-Packard Oscilloscope Model 1220A. Older test gear. Standard power cord missing. No probes.


D15.  Taylor Model 88B VTVM.  Older test equipment.


D16. Pakrat 232 Digital Interface. Advanced Electronics Applications. RS 232 I/O Serial No. 20592


D17.  Pakrat 232 Digital Interface. Advanced Electronic Applications. RS 232 I/O Serial No. M04612


D18. Yaesu External Speaker SP-8. Serial No. 01043 built-in audio filters. In like new condition.


D19.  Collins 75A4 Receiver. Classic. Serial No. 4014.  Purchased new by VE7FO in 1957 for $707.80 CAD.  In good cosmetic condition but not used for many years and not currently in working order.


D21. RCA “Senior Volt Ohmist” Meter. Classic.


D22. Marconi Instruments Universal Bridge. TF 2700


D23.  (book) Low Band DXing by John Devoldere ON4UN


D24. Stark Signal Generator Model LSG-10A Serial No. 2502


D26. 5 x DX Engineering TT3G50 (stud mount) Surge Protector.  New in plastic wrap – never opened.

5 x $50.00 = $250.00 CAD

D27. HP VTVM Model 410. Older test equipment.


D28. Hammarlund HX-FIFTY-A Receiver S/N 31742242 of interest to collectors and those interested in re-conditioning classic radios.  Good cosmetic condition but not in working order.


D29. Hammarlund HQ-180A Receiver S/N 30748123 of interest to collectors and those interested in re-conditioning classic radios.  Good cosmetic condition but not in working order.


D30. Model 303 Broadband Mixer Communications Monitor – CUSHMAN CE-5 – S/N 1607. Older test equipment.


D32. Variac (PowerStat) The Superior Electric Company. Bristol, Conn., USA looks rough but seems to work.


D33. Stark Sweep Marker Generator. S/N 7609. Older test equipment


D34. Universal Volt/Ohm Meter.  Model 7. Mark II. Older test equipment


D35. James Millen Mfg. Co. Malden, Mass. USA.  Grid Dip Meter  S/N G643


D36. (book) “Building and Using Baluns and Ununs”, Jerry Sevick W2FMI CQ Publications 2002.  (original price $39.95)


D37. Hewlet-Packard 3400A RMS Volt Meter S/N 806-10913 older test equipment.


D39.  Elecraft W2. Forward Power and SWR Meter. Uses non-connective sensors so no line loss.  Includes meter plus two sensors.


D40.  RAC “Operating Manual” Second Edition 2001. Ed. Doug Leach VE3XK.


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