Tracking progress with Athena log analysis

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The very best logging analysis tool would show me my real-time totals during a contest, and allow me to compare them in real-time with previous contests. Athena, created by PC5M, does exactly that.

This software is super cool and totally free, but keep in mind that it works with N1MM Logger only.

Be sure to check out the information I’ve posted about real-time online scoreboards, too!

These days, more and more top contesters are switching to N1MM Logger. It’s free, and works extremely well for almost every kind of contest you can imagine — all modes. I made the switch years ago and never looked back.

Athena watches my current contest log in N1MM Logger, and plots my live progress against any previous contest I choose, by simply selecting any N1MM database and contest inside that database.

There’s a useful tool to automatically convert the date and time of the “goals” reference log I choose so it matches up with the date and time of the “current” contest I’m running — that way all the hourly rates match up with each other, even if the contests were years apart.

An example…

Here’s how my all-band totals looked when comparing the 2009 ARRL DX CW contest with my 2007 progress (red line is 2009; black is the “goal” taken from my 2007 log):

Of course, you can view any band by itself, or see everything all at once…

Athena is easy to use — sadly, the author PC5M is now a silent key. An archive of his Athena software is available from

Download Athena

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