Low-cost photography filters from Fotodiox

The Fotodiox circular polarizing filter, and the nice storage case that the filter kit comes with. Taken with a Lumix FZ1000.


You can spend a lot more for a kit of photography filters, but you won’t find a better value than the Fotodiox three-filter kit.

For around $14, this kit delivers a circular polarizer, a UV filter, and a diffuser, packed in a sturdy leatherette holster lined with red felt. Each filter arrives in the holster wrapped in its own cellophane bag, which is resealable to keep the filter well protected from dust and fingerprints when stored away.

All three filters are well-built and each has its own specific purpose.

The circular polarizer is of particular utility — it’s something every outdoor photographer should have in the bag. The Fotodiox model has a rotating ring that allows you to find just the right polarizing angle for the shot you’re taking. Granted, polarizing filters aren’t for every situation, but they sure make a difference in the right situation.

The UV filter is pretty much a lens protector, taking the beating your lens might otherwise receive without the filter screwed on the front.

The diffusing filter works well to soften images. Photos through this filter remind me of the classic film star photos, where skin tones are softened and light sources glow, well, diffusely. Again, this filter isn’t going to be on your camera for most shots, but you’ll quickly get to know where it may create just the right look.

All three filters are very easy to install — the threads are precisely machined and the metal rings they’re machined into are sturdy. No trouble at all to quickly spin them onto the front of my Lumix FZ1000 camera.

I purchased the 62mm diameter filter kit, but Fotodiox makes this kit for lots of lens diameters — from 49mm up to 77mm. The cost is a dollar or two higher for the large-diameter version, but still under $15.

If you don’t have these filters, get them. The circular polarizer alone is worth a lot more than the kit costs. Well done Fotodiox — this kit hits a home run by offering a quality set of filters at a price anyone can afford.

Get the Fotodiox filter kit from Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.