A new DX and contesting club

For the past two months I’ve been knee-deep in helping to form the new Orca DX and Contest Club. The organization serves BC and the northern part of Washington State. I’m the webmaster, so my part has been developing the web site.

Be sure to check out the newest HF conditions tool — the “Orca Pod” is located on the lower right-hand side of every page on this site.

The Orca Pod is one-stop information about

  • current solar flux
  • current sunspot count
  • A- and K-indices
  • geomagnetic conditions at a glance
  • solar X-ray flux level
  • unique, customized new versions of the latest auroral oval images
  • band conditions calculated several times an hour
  • a graph of the most recent 24 hours of K-index data
  • a graph of the past 14 days of solar flux and sunspot counts

I wanted to build the kind of “Progagation Now” tool I would want to use. The Orca Pod is it.

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