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I am assisting a long-time ham who loves operating but isn’t able to keep using his wonderful collection of near-new and vintage equipment. Lots of assorted amateur radio and test equipment for sale. 

All items are pick-up only in Lake Country, BC (between Kelowna and Vernon). Contact Bud VA7ST at to arrange purchase. 

Payments okay via bank e-transfer. Sorry, but there’s no mailing or shipping. 

Vibroplex iambic
standard key — $160

Vibroplex iambic standard paddles
  • Chrome mechanical on grey base
  • Red bug edition

Drake TV-3300-LP  30Mhz
low-pass filter — $30

  • Handles up to 1,000 watts

Hammarlund HQ-110 — $200

Hammarlund HQ-110
Hammarlund HQ-110 rear panel
  • Beautifully maintained vintage tube-type receiver
  • Amateur radio bands (CW/AM/SSB 160M to 6M, no WARC)
  • Excellent condition. Serial #6311.
  • BNC antenna connection.

Collectible 1930s vintage
Mac Key — $150

T.R. McElroy Mac Key
  • Designed and built by T.R. McElroy (the world’s fastest telegrapher) in the 1930s
  • This is Serial#8407.
  • Comes in a suitably vintage wooden box,
  • Will be a prized display piece in any radio room — and for the CW operator it’s a great bug!

Philips PM-3230 dual trace
10Mhz oscilloscope, $50

Eico HF-81
hi-fi audio amplifier — $50

  • Collectible, for refurbishing
  • Not working, but tubes are there
  • Yep, front panel is rough. Factored into price.
  • Has rare VU meter on lower front panel

Heathkit decade resistance
model IN-11, $25

Advance Instruments TC9B
50Mhz frequency counter, $70

Nixie tube display

  • Triple-input frequency counter
  • In good shape, very well made

Hewlett Packard HP 5381A
80Mhz frequency counter, $75

  • Reads up to 80Mhz
  • Top bar of third (from right) digit is out

Measurement Corp. (Model 82)
Standard Signal Generator , $40

  • Cosmetics are good, working condition unknown.
  • AF generator, 20 Hz to 200 kHz in four ranges
  • RF generator, 80 kHz to 50 MHz in seven ranges
  • Heavy (50 lbs.) but a beauty.

Telequipment D54
10Mhz dual trace oscilloscope, $45

Sorensen QSB-12-4
power supply, $25

  • Variable voltage, 9 to 15VDC
  • 4 amp

Simpson 373
Milliameter, $20

Stark MK-5
multimeter, $30

Hewlett Packard 410C
voltmeter, $30

Heavy-duty big easy-to-read meter!

Digital clamp meter, $15

  • Multimeter with clamp for current
  • like new in box

Digital multimeter, $20

  • DT-9208, like new, in box
  • DC/AC/resistance
  • capacitance to 20uF
  • frequency to 20khz
  • diode and transistor tester 

Panel meters, $30

  • more than a dozen various panel ammeters, voltmeters

Variac — 120V homebrew
with AC voltmeter, $35

120V variac
  • Use it to bring voltage up to 120V slowly when testing unknown equipment
  • Every experimenter needs one!

Contact Bud VA7ST at to purchase any of these items. 

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