For sale — TE Systems 2M repeater amp (100W FM)

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I am selling this very good 100-watt 2M amp — a TE Systems 1406-RN.

The asking price? $100. Too good to pass up. These sell new for US$649 and are amazingly well-constructed amps that will run all day long.

See the specs on the TE Systems website.

I bought this amplifier thinking I might add a transmit-receive circuit to use for my meteor scatter (MSK144) grid hunting, but that’s really not what this particular amplifier is meant to do.

This unit is rates for continuous-duty, 100-watt, FM (class C) amplifier and has a very large heat sink. Factory specs say it is aligned for 147.10 Mhz, and it will operate from 144 to 148 Mhz.

The 1406-RN will operates with 15 to 25 watts of drive, and requires a 13.8VDC power supply at 12 amps at full RF output.

I am selling the repeater amplifier for $100 plus shipping. It will be great for anyone building a repeater.

If you’re interested, email me at

I will consider trades for a good CW/SSB 2M amplifier.

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