For sale — FT-920 transceiver w/ InRad filters

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Great FT-920 HF+6M transceiver and extras — CAD$775

A general overview of the FT-920.

A more detailed look at the operation of the InRad 400hz and 250hz filters, DSP audio filtering, and this FT-920’s special ability to drive a spectrum display in N1MM Logger+ or Waterfall Bandmap.


I am offering for sale a Yaesu FT-920 HF+6M transceiver:

Great condition, in original box with manual and MH-31 hand mic. Built-in auto antenna tuner, twin VFOs with dual-watch and real knobs, FM board, digital voice and CW memory keyers, all-mode DSP.

Includes more than CAD$400 worth of amazing Inrad CW filters — razor-sharp 400hz and 250hz CW filters installed, in addition to the factory DSP audio filtering. Check the InRad specs:

Also will include:

  • USB to DB9 cable for CAT control
  • Serial cable (DB9 to ACC on radio) with interface for CW and RTTY keying via N1MM Logger+ or other software
  • An RTL-SDR and IF-output line, enabling the FT-920 to be used with HDSDR software or N1MM Logger’s Spectrum Display — providing a fully interactive click-and-pounce panadapter with live DX spots and full CAT control.

Bonus extra!

The FT-920 will also include a SignaLink SL-1 soundcard-to-radio interface and the SL-R8 microphone cable and the required mic and speaker cables to connect to your computer. These sell for about US$90 (note that this is the SL1 not the slightly newer SL1+ model currently sold by TigerTronics).

Note that no additional power is needed for the SignaLink SL-1, as it gets power directly from the FT-920’s microphone connector.

Email me at if you’re interested.

I won’t ship these items as they’re heavy and moving them around isn’t easy. But I will help deliver them within a reasonable distance (1.5 hours driving time) of Kelowna, BC.

TE Systems 100W 2M repeater amplifier

I am also selling a TE Systems 1406-RN continuous-duty 100W FM-only repeater amplifier (144 to 148 Mhz). 25 watts in for 100 watts out.

List price new is US$649 from TE Systems. Looking for $100 plus shipping.

Read more….


The Ameritron AL-80B on the left, and SB-221 HF amplifier on the right.

April 2018 — Both the AL-80B and the SB-221 have been sold. I am leaving the videos and descriptions up as they may be of interest to someone looking for information about these amplifiers.

Ameritron AL-80BX (Sold)

This is a fine modern amplifier with a single 3-500ZG tube providing about 600 watts out, plus it does the WARC bands for a bit of DXing firepower.

I like that the AL-80B is still manufactured and sold in stores – which means parts and advice should be readily available if ever needed.

  • Like-new condition, lightly used.
  • 3-500Z graphite tube, full rated output on all bands.
  • No box or manual, but here’s a PDF of the manual from Ameritron.
  • Sells new for CAD$2,290. Asking $1,200 firm.
  • Selling this amplifier as I purchased an HF+6M amplifier. Gotta have some 6M power to go with the newly installed 7-element 6M yagi on the tower.

Heathkit SB-221 (Sold)

Note that in the SB-221 video, we are seeing the amplifier’s RF output in the CW (2,400-volt) mode. In SSB mode, the stiffer 3000-volt supply allows significantly more power — I have just never operated the amp with the SSB high-voltage mode switched in.

View inspection photos of this amplifier on Flickr

This 80M through 10M amplifier has dual 3-500Z tubes and is a bulletproof unit putting out a kilowatt on SSB all day long if you wish, but it doesn’t do 160M or the WARC bands — which is why I added the AL-80BX to the shack.

  • Good condition, clean 2KW PEP amplifier with a pair of 3-500Z tubes (older tubes but strong).
  • Updated capacitor bank, Harbach metering board, rare square Harbach meters (no longer available), Harbach soft-key.
  • Fully grounded grids for smooth operation.
  • Runs well on all bands.
  • Hook up your radio and an antenna, and away you go. This is a reliable, full-limit amplifier for a fraction of the cost of a new 2KW amp.
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