• For sale — TE Systems 2M repeater amp (100W FM)

    Looking for a 2M repeater amplifier? This is a continuous-duty, 100-watt, FM (class C) amplifier with a very large heatsink. Factory spec: max power 100 watts at 147.10 Mhz, and it will operate from 144 to 148 Mhz. Asking just $100 plus shipping.

  • For sale — FT-920 transceiver

    It’s time to clear out the DXing shack. I am offering for sale a great FT-920 HF+6M transceiver complete with an RTL-SDR system (IF-output) that provides full-band spectrum display with N1MM Logger, FSK and CW interface cables, and a SignaLink for audio RTTY, PSK, FT8 and meteor scatter modes.

  • Tracking progress with Athena log analysis

    View your real-time totals during a contest, and compare them in real-time with previous contests. Athena, created by PC5M (sk), does exactly that.

  • WSJT-X 2.0 — Why some FT8 stations don’t respond

    If you’re working FT8 using WSJT-X version 1.9.1 or earlier, you may not be able to work stations using the latest release candidate of WSJT-X 2.0. Update your software to the latest release version and all will work.

  • Adding 7 elements on 6M

    6M is about to be a whole lot more fun from VA7ST with the addition of an M2 6M7JHV yagi — 7 elements on a 30-foot boom.

A new DX and contesting club

Written by admin On October - 22 - 2010 0 Comment

The new Orca DX and Contest Club serves BC and the northern part of Washington State. I’m the webmaster, so my part has been developing the web site.